Synthesize and compare leadership information. ( Joe Torre,former baseball manager and philanthropist)

1. Choose a leader to research from the list of leaders in the content area. This list will also be provided in the course home page news. Listing will be available 12/5.
2. Each learner must choose a different leader, so post your choice in the”Leader” discussion area with the leader name in the “Subject”. Discussion area will open on 12/5 at 12:01 A.M.
3. Submit a paper OR powerpoint to the dropbox before midnight 12/10 addressing the following:
a. Name of leader.
b. Define the leader’s leadership style based on the readings in Chapter 2.
c. Minimum of three examples of good or poor leadership by your selected leader (substantiated by your research and citations)
d. Describe your leadership style based on the readings in Chapter 2 (give at least 2 examples). Compare/contrast your perceived leadership style with your chosen leader’s style.
e. Papers should be 6-7 double-spaced pages (not including the cover sheet and references page). Powerpoints should be 10-15 slides (not including the cover sheet slide and references slide.)

All papers/powerpoints will go through plagiarism detection software for the final. Your papers/powerpoints must show either in the blue or green areas for acceptance.

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