synthesis essay

a 5-6 page literary synthesis essay in which you use literary analysis in support of a thesis about the thematic connections that you see in three or more of the texts that we have read over the semester. Your essay must use texts from across a variety of genres: short fiction, drama, and poetry. You are not obligated to use all three genres, but you must use at least two. You may do outside research for this essay, but you are not required to do so. As you write this essay, keep in mind that a synthesis essay, by definition, tries to find the broad thematic connections in disparate works that are written across time and place. Your goal in this essay is to think of these connections, and to write an essay in which you present the broad commonalities or differences that writers bring to their theme.
As usual, your essay must be double-spaced, with 1-inch margins, and written in 11 or 12-point type. Your essay should have an appropriate title, an introduction that sets out the large issue that you’ll be writing about, and that contains a thesis that the essay will develop and support. In addition, you should use a number of relevant quotations from the texts to support your analysis of the poem, play, or short story. Remember to polish your final paper so that it reads smoothly, and to proofread your final copy before you turn it in. Please do not turn in a 5-page plot summary of these texts.

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