•    Discuss the role of syncretism and religious conversion in the film The Other Conquest.
•    Describe how the devotion to the Virgen de Guadalupe has maintained indigenous religious traditions in Latin America through religious syncretism.
•    Make reference to the course readings (ATTACHED), the film The Other Conquest, and research outside of the course readings.
Explain how a given institution or symbol system in a nonwestern culture enhances the viability of that culture or, alternately, serves the purposes of some social group or category within that culture.

Essays should…
•    be well-written and carefully checked for grammar and spelling errors
•    make use of at least four (4) academic secondary sources (journal articles, books)
•    contain a well-articulated thesis statement
o    Thesis statement must be underlined
o    Thesis statements take a position; the paper proves that position
•    avoid sweeping generalizations and prove their point using evidence, reasoning, and concrete examples

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