Your Mission:
To help create ideas that a university can use for the Green Workplace
The Process:
1) Watch the video of the seminar hosted by the directors of Sustainable Pittsburgh, paying attention to the many ways in which Pittsburgh is creating sustainable solutions in our community: 560836-ebd4-4061-a54e-9c2e26a5ba88
2) Visit the “Overview” section of the Sustainable Pittsburgh’s Green Workplace Challenge website for a quick summary of the project’s goals and rules:
3) Access the GWPC Competition Guidebook and browse the section entitled “University-Specific Actions” (, Pg.115-131 only)
In this section, you will find 27 suggested actions for making universities more efficient and less environmentally destructive. These actions include strategies for reductions in electricity use, water use, transportation emissions, heating/cooling system use, waste production, air pollution, just to name a few.
4) From the list of 27 suggestions, choose only one strategy that you think the university should consider in its quest for eco-friendly victory.
5) Find an example of another school or business that has successfully put these suggestions into action . You can use the “Resources” section under each of the 27 listings.
6) Summarize your research in (400-500 words), listing
. a) The specific GWPC strategy you think the university should tackle
. b) How the college or business you researched put this strategy into action
. c) How both the environment and the school or business benefited from becoming more

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