Sustainability in business model

Please make a response to each questions # 1-5

there are many intangible, hidden, and unarticulated cost of a business model (i.e. costs that one doesn’t think about immediately, and that are not immediately quantifiable) when it comes to the topic of sustainability. Especially comment on how does one deal with difficult-to-quantify costs.

1. I think the problem with sustainability is not over-usage of the term but rather misusage. Do you agree??
Many consumers have become cautious of the word because it can be so misleading. For example, companies claiming to go green by reducing their packaging materials. This is great in theory but they are also charging more (because it has the trendy “go green” stamp of approval) but offers less of the product. We saw this exact situation with Poland Springs when they lessened their fluid ounces with a smaller bottle size.
While many universities may also have contributed to the misinterpretation of sustainability by going “paperless”. This also seemed like a great idea but it eventually turned out that while faculty could no longer use the schools paper supply to print handouts we in turn were asking students to print the same amount of paper from home. Not really lessening our carbon footprint! Plus, it may have really irritated the students to have to print everything themselves. I think we are all in agreement with sustainability but I think firms need to think over their marketing of these new items.

2. could sustainability be about the resources what we have in a manner that there is not an excess amount of waste. Is this too narrow or wide. If it is this simple, we could say that it is not necessary to abandon plastic bottles as whole when we decide how much to produce. Therefore you will not apply plastic more than you need and therefore conserving, right?

3. Sustainability, overused?
4. Undermanaged?

5. Even further, we may be able to cutting down and reducing the use of plastic even more when we look into recycling as mentioned in an earlier post as recycling is better for the environment as well as for the business purposes. Could this be a definition. Maybe this is very generic. What do you think?

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