survey the current literature and media reporting to develop an assessment of the current status of terrorism or extremism as it relates to the United States and our interests.

It is suggested that you focus on either domestic OR international extremism, simply due to the short nature of the assignment. Your work should assess the current status of terrorism / extremism, and trends that are indicative of where the threat is going or how it is transforming, and an assessment of our level of preparedness (or lack thereof) in being able to identify, disrupt, and/or respond to a terrorist attack. Your work should conclude with a reference-supported assessment of where the threat of terrorism / extremism will be in the next 10 to 20 years. For each writing assignment, you are tasked with authoring a college-level writing work meeting the following criteria: 1.The length of the each paper shall be four pages long, NOT INCLUDING a title page and a Reference page. NO abstract is needed for this assignment. 2.Use a minimum of four resources in the generation of the work. 3.The format of the paper will follow APA guidelines and include properly formatted in-text citations and end of work references.

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