Summarize the key concepts and theories behind Tuckmans model of Group Development. Provide a critical analysis of Tuckmans model.

The ability of organizations to achieve their objectives is through the formation of people from groups into teams. Your essay will answer the following questions: The critical analysis will be graded as part of the subject matter as described in the assessment rubrics. As you have been working in your group, relate Tuckmans stages of group development with your own experience in this class. Compare and contrast Tuckmans stages with your own experience so far. Conflict is part of group development. Examine some of the common conflicts that can arise in work group performance. Describe two types of conflicts that arise in work groups. How do the work groups resolve the two types of conflicts described? Has your work group experienced the described conflict and did your work group use the same technique to resolve the conflict? Group decision making is one of the biggest challenges working in groups. Examine how groups make decisions and describe the pros and cons of group decision making. How will you use what you learned about group decision making to improve the performance of your own working group? Examine how work groups can became work teams. What are the main differences between work groups and work teams specifically in the areas of leadership, decision making and conflict resolution? Based on your understanding of work groups and work teams, do you think you are in a work group or a work team and which would you prefer and why? The essay must follow APA standards of: APA Title page APA headers and page numbers APA in text citation APA reference page Requirements: Must have an introduction and conclusion. Follow the outline for essay/written assignments in the course syllabus. Should not less than 1000 words and not more than 2500 words. The summary of the key concepts of Tuckmans model should be around 500 to 700 words only.

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