(a) 500 words of text with APA format (same as a textbook format) references and websites should be integrated into the text and grammar should be correct; (0-200 points)
(b) Discussion of the relevance of the topic to your life (0-80 points)
(c) 3 links to additional websites about the subject; (0- 30 points)
(d) A Bold Title; (0-20 points)
(e) An image(s). (0-30 points)
(f) 3 References from books or psychological articles (0-30 points)
(g) All references and web sites must be listed at the end of the poster as well as integrated into the poster (0-10)

1. Select a topic related to your life that you are interested in researching. It may be a topic that has has meaning, so I chose as the topic “stress” for me. It may also be a problem or life challenge that you have overcome and the knowledge that you gained from the experience will benefit your classmates.
2. After you select your topic, begin your research: You need to use minimum of three books or psychological journal articles (your textbook can be one of your books) and three psychological web sites.
3. Select 3-4 points to make about your selected topic and discuss each one using the information from your references in your own words to expand each point with examples from your life.
4. Integrate the references into the body of your poster, so we will know where to find the information you are discussing. Five hundred words are the minimum length requirement.
5. Remember you are trying to benefit or inform your classmates with your presentation poster, since part two of the assignment requires each classmate to view and vote for the top ten posters.

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