Story Hotel Distribution Channels

Story Hotel Distribution Channels















Story Hotel Distribution Channels

Story Hotel Distribution Channels comprises of multiple online products that are often regulated through a network of connections that ensure efficient dissemination of information to the target clientele. The Hotel engages in strategic marketing strategies that are designed to attract the attention of various levels of clientele. Strategic segmentation ensures that various forms of information are delivered to the clientele in good time for the purpose of reducing the amount of time that it would require for the targeted clientele to engage manual systems in search of the right kind of information about the hotel. For instance, through its website and other internet-based social networking sites, the hotel offers online booking services, reservations, customer care services, and coupon rewards. This enables it to connect with the clientele in real-time over the virtual space.

Theorists of distribution channels agree that the essence of a reliable distribution channel lies in its capacity to spread information about the nature, value, and quality of products to the specific markets (Ranchhod & Gurau, 2007). In the hotel and hospitality industry, the goods and services may vary in range, complexity, value and quality. Similarly, the kind of targeted clientele often vary in line with the variables of geography, locality, gender, socioeconomic status, race, culture, and many other variables. At the same time, changes in time and lifestyles often affect the nature of preference and the demands of the market. The strategies adopted by Story Hotel are meant to make use of these aspects of business by utilizing the synergistic aspects of the positive forces while developing strategies to overcome the stifling influence of negative forces.

Macroeconomic factors determine the manner in which a distribution channel impacts on the targeted clientele (Ranchhod & Gurau, 2007). In the case of Story Hotel, the impacts of global economic crisis must be evaluated in terms of its negative repercussions on the distribution channels. It would also be appropriate to assess the level of impact of technological innovations in terms of how it has affected the capacity of the distribution channel to connect the Hotel and the market. Essentially, Story Hotel’s multiple distribution channels are designed to attract two broad categories of customers. These include leisure and business customers. The market reach of the distribution channels is flexible in the sense that it spurns from the local clientele to the international groups.

One of the strengths of the distribution channel as controlled by Story Hotel is that it is able to attract and retain customers by regulating its distribution channels in a manner that portrays its competitive advantage on the market. This strategy makes it possible for the hotel to maintain and increase the volume of clientele locally and globally, besides breaking into new market segments previously controlled by competitors. The Hotel also relies on a system that enables it to break into unexplored market segments at the local and international arena. For instance, the regulation of prices has made the hotel a favourite choice of people from across the socioeconomic ladder. Story Hotel markets itself as a favourite destination both for the domestic customers and those from across the space.

Through the internet resources, the Hotel disseminates the right kind of information that would be of value to customers who want to make their travel budgets ahead of the journey. Some of the information relayed to customers includes issues of location. The internet distribution channels provide resourceful information, which would help the targeted clientele to make informed decisions as to matters of convenience. The strategic location of the hotel, according to the information supplied from the online sources, offers vantage opportunities for the customers to access other services and amenities around the city (Story Hotel, 2012). The information also includes details of transport networks, the nearness to facilities such as rails, major roads and airports. The information also contains other favourite places of entertainment, attraction, and famous shopping destinations around Stockholm. This enables a first time visitor or a prospective visitor to weigh his or her options appropriately in a manner that would offer him the best alternative from the available range of choices.

Many customers require internet-based distribution channels to offer important information regarding the inventory of services and issues of competitive advantage that would help them plan ahead of their visit. Story Hotel is a budget Hotel. Most of the information relayed on the internet-based distribution channels is especially suited to the idea of cost-effectiveness. Story Hotel bills itself as a cost-friendly facility. It offers precise information on pricing and gives examples of surrounding hotels that are much more expensive than it. For instance, the online resource mentions hotels such as Bern’s Hotel, Nobis Hotel, Scandic Anglais, Lydmar Hotel, and Hotel Diplomat. Generally, this hotel includes features that are appropriate for the customers, who are aware of the economic pressure on matters of lifestyle.

The general strategy in the marketing technique is to obtain a balance between leisure and expenditure. The strategy is a marked departure from the usual connotations that often associate hotels and other touristic amenities with ostentation, frivolity, luxury and extravagance. It is for this reason that the marketing strategies include details about the specific aspects of leisure. The entertainment spots within the hotel are described with specific details, which would attract the interest of revellers. In terms of utility, the hotel markets itself as having the capacity to offer various services that range from those of a professional nature to others of a purely entertainment nature. For instance the information on the distribution channels indicates that the hotel can serve as a favourite meeting point (Story Hotel, 2012). Such a facility would necessarily attract the interest of corporate clientele. In this respect, it might be argued that the information contained in the online distribution channels about Story Hotel has been created with sufficient precision that allows for easy flow of information from one point to another along the chain of distribution.

The value of a good distribution channel lies in its capacity to connect the point of source to the point of consumption (Doyle, 2008). Story Hotel engages in online strategies that help in providing the targeted clientele with the right kind of information about the available goods and services. To this level, the hotel maintains healthy connections with the clientele in a manner that seeks to attract and retain them. An effective distribution channel should have the capacity to attract and retain the clientele. This would serve the long-term and short-term objectives of the firm in ways that seek to sustain and increase the flows of revenues. The dynamics of demand and supply have significant effects on the distribution channels in the hotel industry (Rogers, 2001). This business reality often combines with market competition to determine the level of effectiveness of any distribution channel. Story Hotel adopts strategies that are sensitive to the fluid nature of the markets and the fluctuations of seasons in order to optimize on conditions as they occur.
















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