I. Introduction

Technology is drastically changing globally, and the organizations that are quick to adopt new technology are attaining a competitive advantage over other companies. Organizations are updating to new versions of technology, and the internet has increased in complexity. Additionally, the security protocols on the internet have changed entirely (Hart, & Project Gutenberg. 2005). For this reason, the rules of internet usage and the security protocols need to be implemented for the purposes of protecting the organization and gaining competitive advantage over other companies. Therefore, the company should take the initiative and be the pioneer in technological advances.

II. Discussion

i) Reasons  of implementing rules on internet usage

With the changing technological environment, the organization should change its rules on internet usage (Hart, & Project Gutenberg. 2005). The first reason is to protect employees from being exposed to inappropriate information that can lead to legal ramifications. For instance, an employee might unintentionally find inappropriate materials like pornography in the internet that could lead to serious trouble for the organization (Anandarajan & Simmers, 2002). Therefore, to reduce such incidents the company needs to change the internet usage rules.

In the past few years, so many social sites on the internet are being created. All the generations, the young and the old have come to enjoy them. This is positive because they are making communications between the different people easier and faster as compared to other forms of communication. However, the problem is that when they are being used during working hours, they lower the productivity of the employees. It has been noted that in the company, the productivity of the employees is on the decrease (Anandarajan & Simmers, 2002). This has been attributed to time loss when they are chatting on the internet with friends using the social sites. Henceforth, the rules on internet usage need to be change to increase the employee productivity.

Lastly, many computer threats emanating from the internet are on the rise. With the current rules on internet usage, employs are able to access the internet without fear of these threats. Additionally, not every employee in the organization is literate in relation to the computer threats. Therefore, they might unintentionally allow malware and viruses into the system. Additionally, hackers can gain access stealing or destroying the organization’s information. Therefore, there is a need to change the existing rules on the internet usage.

ii)     Advantages of implementing the rules on internet usage

One of the main advantages of implementing the rules on internet usage is an increase in employee productivity. When employees are not concentrating on the social sites, they will be more actively involved to their work thus increasing the employee’s productivity (GFI. 2011). For example, an employee who used to browse these sites stops, the time he or she uses will be diverted to work activities resulting to an increase in productivity. This will lead to an increase in the profits at the end of the financial year of the organization profits. However, there should be a compromise on the part of the employees where they should be given the opportunity to browse the social sites during free time (GFI. 2011). In this case, it will motivate employees to work that extra mile since the company is considering their own personal needs.

Secondly, the amount that is used to settle legal ramification due to internet usage of inappropriate sites will reduce drastically. In many cases, when employees are involved in such a situation the organization names suffer when it is exposed to the public. For instance, when an employee engages in pornography, the public might think that the whole company is like that, and as a result, customers refrain themselves from being associated with the company. This causes the company to lose customers. In addition, the company also ends paying money to settle fines due to legal ramification. However, if the rules are implemented, this will be advantageous to the organization because the profits will increase and the company’s name will be saved.

iii) Reasons for creating or implementing the internet security

Currently, the organization is using obsolete security systems that protect the organizations from unauthorized access. Globally, technology has changed entirely. Similarly, the internet security protocols have changed entirely (Hart, & Project Gutenberg. 2005). In this case, unauthorized access by hackers or competitors is on the rise putting the company information at risk (Avolio, 2012). However, if the existing internet security is implemented or a new one is created there will be no information loss to the competitors or the hackers. For this fact, the organization needs to implement the internet security protocols.

Finally, with the current internet connection the organization is using, other outside users who are nearby they can gain access and use it. In this case, the network bills are on the rise and create a reduction of the organization profits in the end of the financial year (Avolio, 2012). Additionally, a person can be able to hack the system when he or she is just outside the building. This can lead to distortion of the organizations information (Avolio, 2012). Henceforth, the organization needs to consider changing the information.

iv)    Advantage of creating or implementing internet security protocol

First, the company will save a lot of money that was being used by outsiders who were able to access the system. There are malicious people who enjoy using free stuff. In this case, when they get an opportunity of using the free internet, they will utilize it maximally (Avolio, 2012). Henceforth, the organization ends up paying an enormous bill for something that could have been reduced in the first place. Therefore, when the company implements the internet security protocols the company will start realizing massive profits from they money they could have paid if the outsiders have access to the network.

The organization secrets and information will be saved from unauthorized people from accessing it. Organization secrets are the key to excellent performance or the competitive advantage over the other companies. If the outsiders gain access to such information, they might end up using the information to the organization’s disadvantage. For instance, the companies might gain access to such information (Avolio, 2012). In this case, they will know why the organization has been succeeding. Henceforth, they will use the information to their own advantage. Additionally, the company will not lose any information to hackers. Moreover, the organization’s information will not be distorted in any way (Avolio, 2012).


In the past, technology was underdeveloped, and not many organizations used technology. However, as the years have passed by, technology has become complex with new things being created every day. The internet has grown gradually with many applications being created. For this reason, the company needs to conform to the latest technology by implementing the exiting rules on internet usage and internet security. Therefore, based on the analysis, it is dangerous for the company not to consider implementing the existing rules or creating new rules of internet usage and internet security.



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