Speech Topic: A speech of tribute about the Beatles and their impact on the 1960’s counterculture

For this assignment you must write and deliver an original speech of tribute. The general purpose of this speech is “to entertain.” There may be some informative elements to this type of speech but in the end we just want the people to laugh, or cry or be moved in some way when the speech is over. The speech can be serious or lighthearted. This ceremonial speech should have a distinct beginning, middle and end.

The introduction should stimulate interest/grab attention and should have the thesis clearly stated. The body of the speech should have the main points clearly stated and organized and there should be smooth transitions from point to point. The speech needs to have a creative use of language and should include: figurative language (such as metaphors, simile, personification), word order (such as antithesis, inversion, parallel construction), and sounds of words (such as alliteration, onomatopoeia, rhyme). The conclusion needs to restate the thesis and needs to end on a memorable note.

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