source response and analyisis

First part, respond to the source from your own emotional position or previous knowledge. Do you agree with what this source is saying? Why or why not? Does this source make you angry? Fearful? Hopeful?
Does it remind you of some experience you had or make you look forward to the future? Rather than listing every emotional response, try to focus on the strongest response and really explore why this article is giving you this response. This section should use “I” and should make it clear that you are stating your opinion.

Second part, analyze how the information in your source is being presented. What flaws are there in the argument, the way evidence is being used to support it? What aspects of the argument or evidence are beneficial to the purpose of the argument? Your observations should be presented objectively, not using phrases like “I think,” or “It seems.” Your goal should be to work towards a cohesive argument about the source as a whole. Is the source, as a whole, well argued, persuasive, appropriate for the audience that it is addressing,

The source is a 8 pages article.

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