Somewhere Between – Bonus Documentary Reaction



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Somewhere Between – Bonus Documentary Reaction

            The bonus documentary of this film mainly involves a lengthy interview and discussions with different people about the concept of trans-racial adoption, which is the main theme of the film. This takes forty-five minutes. The different people interviewed include professionals, who deal with adoption issues. Additionally, different adults, who are adoptees, are also interviewed. The adoptees mainly address their experiences as adoptees, and how being an adoptee has influenced their lives, especially from their childhood, when they were adopted. On the other hand, the adoption professionals, in the interviews, address the issue of adoption, including the formal adoption procedure. They also talk about parenting, and how parents should interact with adoptees to bring out the best in them. Other professionals interviewed in the film are psychologists. These mainly address the issues affecting adoptees, which mostly include psychological issues. They also focus on the issue of how adoption affects adoptees. For instance, when a child realizes that they are adopted, they might be affected in various ways. They therefore, offer insights on how parents can deal with the psychological changes in their adopted children.

Generally, this bonus documentary makes an impression about the film itself. There are different points this bonus documentary attempts to prove to the audience. The first point is about trans-racial or intercontinental adoption. This bonus documentary attempts to prove to the audience that trans-racial adoption does happen, but it is more challenging to both the adoptees and their new parents. In order to prove this, the bonus documentary comprises interviews with trans-racial adoptees. These give a first-hand account of their difficulties, challenges, and experiences growing up as adoptees from a different continent. These adoptees are Chinese, and are adopted by Americans. They therefore, address how the issue of identity was a major challenge to them, while growing up as American citizens, though with Chinese background. This bonus documentary therefore, proves a point that trans-racial adoption can be quite challenging.

Additionally, this bonus documentary attempts to prove to the audience that trans-racial adoptees are capable of succeeding in life, just like other American young people, or other youth living with their biological parents. With the right environment and right attitude, the trans-racial adoptees can be successful in life, and attain great achievement, despite the challenges they face while growing up as adoptees, including identity challenges. In order to prove this point, this bonus documentary has incorporated different adults, who were adoptees, and adopted by people of a different race. These adoptees grew up and made it big in life, and now have great careers and families. This therefore, proves that, all trans-racial adoptees have the capability of living their dreams in life. The featured professionals who were adoptees include psychologists, doctors, among others. Some are university students, pursuing different studies, toward their dream careers.

The third point this bonus documentary proves is that parenting is core, if one decides to adopt a child, even from a different continent or race. To prove this, a number of parents with adopted children, are part of the interview. These share their experiences of parenting adoptees. In addition, the psychologists, who are part of the interview, also shed light on parenting, basing on their expertise in parenting and psychology. The fact that some of these psychologists were adoptees adds weight to their parenting advice for adoptees. This is an educational part of this bonus documentary, as most audience during the interview, and many others who would watch this, benefited from the parenting advice, especially those who were planning to adopt children.

What surprised me most in by watching this bonus documentary is the courage, which the adoptees in the interviews have. These courageously come out to discuss their experiences as adoptees. This is impressing especially, considering the fact that they were adopted from a different country to become Americans. Most adoptees will not easily come out publicly to disclose their status as adoptees, let alone their experiences. This is because of the negative perception most societies have toward adoptees, thinking of them as abandoned children, or children with poor biological parents. Therefore, the fact that the adoptees in the interview did not shy off, has impressed me greatly.

This bonus documentary is informative, as well as educational. This is because of the approach taken to develop it. Interviewing different professionals and adoptees helps the audience draw a lot of information for the interviews. This is because the interviewees address different aspects of the theme of the film. From my own judgement, this documentary provides an insight into the film itself, and what the audience should expect to see in the film. The film is probably of great importance to those individuals interested in the issue of trans-ethnic adoption. Whether they seek to adopt a child from a different race, or whether they are interested in this for study and research purposes, the film will be a great resource to them. The film itself is quite moving, considering it is a documentary revolving around the real life of four different trans-racial adoptees in America. This therefore, is an emotional film, since it is probable that it features heart-rending moments, from the adoptees’ real-life experiences and challenges.


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