This final exam is meant to demonstrate to me your comprehension of the course material and concepts. You have the option to select ONE of the following activities for your final project. Whichever you choose, make sure that you demonstrate a FULL understanding of the course concepts and the sociological perspective.

Choose one of the following options for your final exam:

Option 1: Sociological Lens
For this assignment you are to depict sociological concepts through a series of at least 24 photographs. For each chapter we have covered, find or take 2 photographs that relate to concepts, theories or ideas from that chapter. For each photograph, write a caption beneath it describing, using correct sociological terms, what is being depicted (look at the captions in the textbook for an example). The best option for putting this assignment together is to create a blog to host your photos and captions ( is a good example), and send me the link to your blog post via Blackboard. An alternative option is to create a Prezzi ( and send me the link. Or, you can create a video presentation to display your images, and post it on YouTube (send me the link via Blackboard). You can use images that are not your own, but at least 50% of the images should be your own. The captions must include a sociological description of the photograph (all terms used correctly!).

Remember: 2 photos depicting any concept, theory or idea from the lesson for each of the following topics:
? What is sociology (ex: sociological imagination)
? Theories and theorists (ex: conflict theory)
? Culture (ex: material culture representing non-material culture)
? Socialization (ex: internalization)
? Social interaction (ex: impression management)
? Formal organizations (ex: instrumental rational thought and action)
? Deviance and conformity (ex: deviant or conforming behavior – be creative! Nothing illegal!!)
? Social inequality (ex: house in different neighborhoods, poverty)
? Race and Ethnicity (ex: the effects of race and ethnicity)
? Gender and Sexuality (ex: be creative; gender presentation)
? Family (ex: family structure)
? Social change (ex: planned obsolescence)

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