his response will NOT be a summary of the readings, but will instead be your thoughtful reactions to what you have read. Hence, your essay should respond to the author(s) of each reading, raise relevant questions and, argue with or validate the author if you like. Respond to why you believe the issues raised are important to you, to sociologists or to anyone in general. THESE WILL BE DUE WITHIN 10 MINUTES OF THE BEGINNING OF CLASS SESSION ON THE DAY THE READING IS ASSIGNED. ANYTHING RECEIVED AFTER THE FIRST 10 MINUTES OF CLASS WILL BE CONSIDERED LATE AND NO LATE PAPERS ARE ACCEPTED.
Assigned readings:
FEAGIN and VERA, �Liberation Sociology� – (201-219), (219-240), (241-264).
GREENLEAF, Robert K. �The Servant as Leader� – (30-32), (33-35), (35-37).
GRACE, Bill. �Ethical Leadership: In Pursuit of the Common Good.� – (36-38) Voice, (38-41) Virtue, (41-44) Freedom through Ethical Leadership.
WATLEY & MATHESON. �Attitude: Your Internal Compass.� (32-35), (36-37), (38-41).

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