Read chapters six- fifteen of RACIAL AND ETHNIC GROUPS by Richard T. Schaefer. Construct an essay in which you discuss each chapter. Your discussion  should include the following:

1. What did you learn from the chapter ?

2. Select a specific sociological concept discussed in the lectures. These concepts can include any sociological term  that is defined and discussed in the lecture for any Module. You may use a single concept more than once.

a. Define the concept as it is defined in the lecture.

b. Discuss how the concept helped you to understand the Chapter. In other words, the reason we are learning sociological terms concepts and theories is to be able to apply them to what we read.


Papers should be cited in accordance with MLA or APA Citation Guidelines…….


Chapter 6: The Native Americans  


Chapter 7:The Making of African Americans in a White America  


Chapter 8: African Americans Today  


Chapter 9: Hispanic Americans  


Chapter 10: Mexican Americans and Puerto Ricans  


Chapter 11: Muslim and Arab Americans: Diverse Minorities  


Chapter 12: Asian Americans: Growth and Diversity  


Chapter 13: Chinese Americans and Japanese Americans  


Chapter 14: Jewish Americans: Quest to Maintain Identity  


Chapter 15: Women: The Oppressed Majority  



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