Book Review: This project involves researching and reading a book, preferably an autobiography, or book that deals with current policy/issues on people with disabilities. I have attached the book list you need to choose a book from. On top of that, a one-two-page paper (double spaced) of the book is to be uploaded onto Blackboard. The one-two page paper must include the following information: • Summary of the book • 3 -5 of your favorite quotes with page # • Author’s Information • Publication Information • Opinion of the book So, you need to do this 2-page paper first. Then, write 6 almost equal paragraphs to present these factors respectively: 1.The background of this book (author, motivation, author’s personal story,etc), 2.a brief outline of the book, 3.a wonderful plot you want to share to others, 4.another plot to share, response like feeling and thoughts after reading and why do I want to present this book, 6.relate to the Disability and society class, I know this part is similar to the first part, so try to write something different. This part should be 2 pages. I also attach a detailed requirement as a file.

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