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To begin your thread on this forum go to Isothermal Community College Library sponsored website and review the material regarding critical thinking and especially the chart delineating “The Difference Between Scholarly work and Propaganda”. This chart & the 16 descriptors will become the criteria you will use later to analyze the article you choose regarding its status as propaganda or scholarship.

Locate an on-line, sociologically oriented, article from an Internet resource that deals with a contemporary social problem. One way to locate an article on the Internet is to go to the “external web links” tab, on our dashboard and select the “American Sociological Association” or “Goggle News” or the “Smart Marriage site”, etc. Search a few keywords such as: income inequality, the U.S. obesity crisis, race / class / gender prejudice in income or the the justice system, the changing family, academic achievement gap of low income students, etc. This search will provide many articles to analyze.

Remember you are looking for two things in an article (1) good or bad examples of scholarly work and (2) a recognized social problem that causes individual struggles and hardship and /or limited life possibilities for a large number of persons.

THIS ASSIGNMENT HAS 3 ELEMENTS write up the entire thread/essay as a word or HTML document to be “pasted” into the text field that appears after opening the the”new thread” tab and attaching the link/address to your article as desribed below.

(1) Attach the article to your new thread. Place the article’s URL address into “copy”, open a new thread on this discussion forum – select the “paper-clip icon” – then select the “insert URL” tab – then “paste” the URL address into the text field. (Check with eCampus support if you have trouble with this step.)

(2) Briefly summarize the key points covered in your selected article.

(3) Analyze your article regarding its status as scholarly work or propaganda. Take a clear position regarding its scholarly nature and use the specific criteria/indicators listed in the 16 point chart: How to Tell the Difference Between Scholarly Work and Propaganda. Make specific reference to at least four of the eight indicators mentioned on the chart to substantiate your position that this piece is either scholarly work or propaganda. Make sure to cite where in the article the author demonstrates each indicator you identify.

Remember to read and reply to at least one of your fellow students’ threads, Use the reply tab at the bottom of any class member’s thread to comment on their discussion contribution. Try to comment on the specifics of how their thread contributes to the class discussion rather than a simplistic agree/disagree type response. A substantive reply should address your colleague’s assertion as to the articles scholarly nature and/or their analysis of the social problem addressed by the article.

You are required to post one original thread to this discussion ( 250 word minimum ) before the due date for this unit. Also submit a thorough and thoughtful response/reply to at least one of your fellow student’s threads. Remember to utilize the concepts from the related chapter(s) in your analysis and reply.

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