Social Media Network

The Basics: Construct (or update) a social media network page for your professional activities. Update your experience, education, summary, groups and organizations (if any), awards (if any), skills and/or professional biography. Upload a photo that matches the professional decorum of your chosen profession. Add as a connection/follow/like me (Giovanni Turner), our guest speaker (TBA), and at least two classmates. Write a recommendation for/post about at least one classmate. Finally, share two updates: the first explaining something you have accomplished recently, the second explaining a short term career goal. When uploading, please include the link to your page.<br />
Go Beyond: Write a brief memo explaining how you use social media in unique and creative ways to further your career goals. Explain what you have done and plan to do to attract positive attention to your professional projects. List five connections, followers, or likes of whom you are proud to have attracted. Briefly explain how each could be an asset to your network.<br />
100 Points<br />
This assignment will be graded by the following criteria:<br />
Completeness<br />
Appropriate tone, format, and style<br />
Spelling and grammar<br />
Perceived effectiveness<br />
X-Factor<br />
<br />
I posted the link: on my profile page because my major is management.

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