Social Factors Influencing Alcoholism

You must use at least 6 peer reviewed articles for this assignment and have a total of 10 references. You can use other sources like government websites, agency websites, creditable newspapers, but not Wikipedia or blogs. You should be finding the latest research that is relevant to your topic. However, there may be a “landmark” article in the area that many people cite in their work. You could include such an article, but for the most part, seek the most current scholarship on your topic (i.e. within the last 10 years).
You must write in complete sentences with proper ASA (not APA) citing throughout the paper and a proper ASA reference page at the end. You will use a 12 point font with 1” margins. Your word count should be no less than 2500 words (excluding your reference page). No title page is needed. The goal is to write without biases but to explain in an objective way what is happening. You will not use text lingo, slang or I/Me/My. Remove yourself from the study.
1. Introduction to topic (200-300 words)
1. Summarize the qualitative project you worked on. State the importance of your topic by using the peer reviewed journals as supporting citations. Example, if you are looking at gun laws and want to know how people are reacting to new gun laws, show to your reader how research has shown an increase/decrease in violent murders with guns, or how new gun laws are impacting purchasing power for citizens.
2. Next, briefly tell me about your dependent variable. Based on research what independent variables do you think have an effect on your dependent variable?
3. Next, briefly tell me about what you are doing (hint: survey design).
2. Review of Qualitative Literature (1700-1900 words)
1. Locate at least 6 research articles in academic journals that present research that is relevant to a single topic of research. (The articles need not be on exactly the same topic, but they must be relevant.) –
2. Note the details on data collection for each article, including (as relevant): number of key informant interviews, time spent in the field, type of field research (e.g., participant observation), number of focus groups, and composition of focus groups. This information should be identifiable in the methods section of the article.
3. Note the key findings of each article, as stated in the abstract (or in the absence of the abstract, in the findings section of the article).
4. For each article, discuss the limits to generalizability of findings based on the field research. How has the researcher (or researchers) dealt with this problem?
a.This should all come from your annotated bibliography and critical thinking on your end.

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