social class and poverty, mental health, and health insurance.

The main topic for this research paper is social class and mental health and how the health insurance affects in people from different social classes especially lower class and poor people.

Main topic:

Class and Mental Health

Research general Question:

How does class and poverty affects people’s mental health?

The relationship between social class and mental illness stigma has received little attention recently. At the same time, the concept of mental health literacy has become an increasingly popular way of framing knowledge and understanding of mental health issues. The relationship is that people with higher levels of education, especially those with a degree get better job opportunity and then list in higher social class had the lowest levels of stigma and highest levels of mental health literacy. Interestingly, class showed more of an association with stigma for the asthma vignette than it did for both the depression and schizophrenia vignettes, suggesting that mental illness stigma needs to be contextualized alongside physical illness stigma.

Research focus topic question:

-How does health insurance play a role in people’s mental health from different classes?

•Wealth and poverty: What kind of health insurance wealthy people can afford comparing to the health insurance that poor people can afford?

•Employment and unemployment: What kind of health insurance most of the jobs offer to their employees? And does it cover all of the people’s need from that specific social class?

paper requirements and details:

You will identify a health disparity, or research question that is associated with a health outcome. Each student will focus on a particular upstream factor associated with their research question and health disparity. Your task is to address why this link exist, the latest thinking on what we know about it and what, based on the class, the readings and your research can be done about it.

• Impact–What is the lived impact/experience on individuals and communities? Show both micro (individual voices) and macro (statistics from surveys, etc.)
• How did this come to be?
• What are the factors that lead to this health outcome
• Evaluate some approaches to addressing this disparity.
• Propose a solution/intervention/idea that would advance the thinking in this health area.

Final Paper (100 points)
The paper portion of your final project is due Blackboard by Monday of Finals week.

This 5-6 page paper will summarize your research on the distribution of a particular health or health-related outcome of interest (e.g., diabetes, homelessness, alcoholism, etc.

The paper will provide an overview of the social category and subgroup, health or health-related issue; will describe the methods used for your research; summarize your findings; and provide conclusions about your results and recommendations for further study. Please see Blackboard for detailed instructions.

-Important Note:
I will do other two orders annotated bibliography and upstream/downstream analysis, that are both related to this topic. so please make sure that all of my three orders have the same information and thinking. make sure to use the same sources that I will order in the annotated bibliography order.

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