Visit the web site and:
Test your Tobacco IQ. born 1977
Get your personalized Smoke-o-Scope
Explore the rest of the web site
Draw on course material and discuss the web site’s strengths and weaknesses in persuading people not to smoke. For example, you might answer questions such as:
Which feature of the web site — the Tobacco IQ Test, Smoke-o-Scope, E-Card, or something else — is most persuasive, and why?
How does the web site compare with more traditional methods of persuasion such as television commercials, billboard advertisements, and other techniques?
Is the web site more persuasive when it comes to (a) preventing nonsmokers from smoking or (b) getting smokers to kick the habit?
What effect did the web site have on you personally?
Can you think of ways to make the web site more persuasive?

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