.Should Wheatley’s poetry be considered an important point of origin for African American verse? Why or why not? Can you talk about specific qualities or moments in Phillis Wheatley’s poems to support your position

Write a 4-6 page essay on one of the topics below.

Your essay should have an arguable thesis (something about which someone may disagree with you), and you should consistently support this thesis throughout your essay, using the text, your secondary source(s), and logical reasoning.

You must cite it properly as well.

one source is: Baym, Nina, ed.  The Norton Anthology of American Literature.  Shorter 8th ed.  Vol. 1.  New York: W. W. Norton and Company, 2013.  Print.
PHILLIS WHEATLEY (pgs 401-411)
I’m sure we can use other poems written by Phillis Wheatley as well

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