should the government punished cigerate company

it shlould be MLA format ( it is an argumentative essay ), including a parenthetical citation and a works cited page.
Make a reasoned argument in response to a question at issue for the discourse community of my class Wr 115
The essay must include an introductory paragraph that states your thesis, body paragraphs that explain your argument,explain counterarguments fairly, and refute these counterarguments, and concluding paragraph that sums up what your essay has discussed.
All paragraphs must include a topic sentence, supporting sentences, and concluding sentence.
the thesis should be the answer to the question of the essay ( it is the answer of the topic and my answer is : No it is against freedom).
You must cite at least one credible source correctly in MLA format, including a parenthetical citation and work cited page.
Format: typed double-spaced, 12-point font of roughly times new roman size. MLA research paper format.

Please I need the essay as what I write above


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