short essay on the provided questions

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ok so i need 1 page and a 1/4 on each question provided. please be specific as possible.

here are the questions

1. Discuss the rise of Christianity in the context of the roman empire. In what part of the empire did it arise? What religions formed the background of its formation? What roman figure was responsible for Christianitys spread? What did he do? How did the empire both help and hinder its rise and adoption? *

2. Discuss the rise & success of the roman empire. What contributed to its successes? What were the three phases of its existence? What was the civil war and who won it? What phase of roman history does this inaugurate? What great emperor begins this phase *

5. What were the three civilizations that came into being in the area of the old roman empire? Discuss each of them: how and why they came into existence describe their major characteristics *

3. We have read for authors from the roman period. Seneca, Virgil, Catullus, and Saint Matthew. Compare and contrast two writers, discussing what they represent.

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