shell future energy scenario view

Just a quick comment: Changes in the energy landscape are talked about constantly, whether it be “Peak Oil” (the “fad” talked about 10-15 years ago), or the rise of renewables, hydrogen fuel cells, the death of Nuclear, the Shale Revolution etc etc. Of course climate change and the role of hydrocarbon in our energy mix in it is a very relevant subject to all of this. At a very high level, looking back over time we relied first on a timber based energy source (ie we burnt wood until it started to run out and so we found alternative sources), then we moved to things like peat and then coal. Then oil….these massive changes took decades if not centuries to come about

Therefore, we need summary of:

shell energy scenarios & you can find all information from this link. It’s called (NEW Lens Scenarios)

For Mountain View, you will find that start talking about energy on page 19/48. From this title (energy and the ascent ofgas) until 24/48 included.

ForOceans view, you will find that start talking about energy on page 31/48. From this title (the wide waves of energy demand) until 36/48 included.


–          At the end I need explanation of these table.


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