self assessment

Using The Handbook for Enhancing Professional Practice, read the descriptions for each of the components for Domain 2: The Classroom Environment, and complete a self-assessment using Form I: Self Assessment of Practice–Domain 2: The Classroom Environment.
2. After completing the Self Assessment, write a summary (250-300 words) of your overall self-assessment results for Domain 2.
3. Incorporate your assessment into your Self-Assessment and Professional Growth Strategies by noting areas where there is evidence to indicate that you are currently demonstrating the components of Domain 2 at a Distinguished level (according to Danielson’s Framework for Teaching). For those areas not at a Distinguished level, begin to formulate your vision of how you could change your practice to achieve that goal. You do not need to include this vision in your summary. Remember, the final “Professional Growth Strategies” should not reflect perfection, but rather the ability to engage in high-level reflective practice based on concrete evidence.

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