Select appropriate teaching methods based on the clients developmental stage (cognitive, physical and psychosocial ability), this could be role play, a game, demonstration of the task.

Instructions You are required to choose one (1) of the scenarios in the uploaded document and present a client teaching activity (CTA) that is culturally and developmentally appropriate. The nursing and teaching process must be adhered to and the following points must be included: 1. Introduction The opening paragraph of your essay should inform the reader what the assignment is about. State specifically what you intend to discuss and the order in which you will present your ideas. It provides an overview of your ideas. 2. Body of Assignment These paragraphs develop the themes mentioned in your introduction and form the body of the essay. A paragraph should develop one main idea and should contain a topic sentence which indicates clearly what the paragraph is about. Writing a topic sentence will assist you in keep in to the point of the paragraph. Body Paragraph 1 Assessment: assess the client thoroughly, this means their physical, cognitive, psychomotor skills, psychosocial status and developmental stage. Link the developmental discussion to at least one theorist, for instance you may choose Piaget for Jaxson or Erikson for Jessica. You may use different developmental theorists for other categories to demonstrate your depth of knowledge. Emphasis on each component of the assessment may differ depending on the client. Consider social, cultural and family issues. Identify the clients learning needs, language skills, motivation, ability to learn, teaching environment and resources for learning. You need a comprehensive assessment in order to identify the problem / nursing diagnosis. In this paragraph ensure you have discussed the following to fully address the content: The Assessment section will include establishing clients cognitive and developmental stage including psychomotor / physical abilities against at least one applicable theorist. Identified all areas that influence the situation to ensure the teaching is successful: Has identified the expectations of learning, learning needs, motivation to learn, ability to learn, developmental capacities, teaching environment and resources for learning. In Scenario 1 and 2 you may discuss parent teaching but the focus is on teaching the child so he / she can independently provide their own care. Body Paragraph 2 Nursing Diagnosis: Provide a problem statement that reflects the clients specific learning needs. This only needs to be a couple of lines and remember this is a CTA so it will be related to a knowledge deficit either cognitive, psychomotor or affective or a combination of these. Below are examples: Knowledge deficit (cognitive): understands the concept of menstruation Knowledge deficit (Psychomotor): able to take own blood sample to test BGL Body Paragraph 3 Plan: Develop one short-term and one long-term client learning objective. Ensure that these goals follow the SMART format (e.g. specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and timely). Once this is done think about how you will deliver the education, plan your activity. This plan needs to be matched to the clients learning needs and your assessment of the client. Consider timing as well as teaching materials to maintain the clients attention Appropriate teaching methods to guide behaviour and should include the following: Appropriate timing Content Cognitive teaching method Affective teaching method Psychomotor teaching method The teaching plan should demonstrate consideration of the developmental stage Body Paragraph 4 Implementation: Describe your teaching approaches, what instructional methods that will be used and give details about how you will implement the education of the client. It could be that you use telling, selling reinforcing etc. Will you need to use any props or equipment such as posters, blood glucose machines? Body Paragraph 5 Evaluation: Explain how you will determine if the clients learning outcomes have been met. When will you evaluate the client? Maybe it will be to get the client to explain the information back to you or demonstrate what task you have shown them. Should include how to assess the following: Has the session been successfully carried out? Have the objectives been met? Documentation of client teaching. Evaluate knowledge gained. 3. Conclusion To summarise the ideas presented in the essay. Application of critical thinking You need to integrate / relate the theories (developmental and learning) to the case study to demonstrate that you can apply your knowledge to the development of the CTA and its delivery to the client. Think about Blooms taxonomy and other learning theories (affective, cognitive and psychomotor) when you are writing your assignment. The ability to make appropriate reference to these helps demonstrate your critical thinking.

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