Select a health issue that affects women and that you are interested in learning more about.

1. Womens Health Paper (10% of Grade)
The purpose of this assignment is to explore multiple points of view on a current, controversial issue in womens health and to practice respectful discourse related to complex topics. For this project, the paper should not be more than 4 pages excluding the title page and references. APA format is required with a professional paper, a paper that is judged by the faculty as very poorly written (such things as incomplete sentences, multiple subject/verb errors, unclear wording, multiple spelling errors, and/or combination of these errors) may be returned for revision with an automatic deduction of 25 points that cannot be redeemed. Have someone proof read the paper after you have proof readit can difficult to recognize your own errors. Please see Assessment Rubric for evaluation criteria.
Womens Paper Grading Criteria Rubric
Criteria Points Grade
1 of the problem 10
2 . 20
3 Summary of the current research in the specific. This area should include specific research studies, the population description, size (n =) and the results NEED EVIDENCE BASED PRACTICE 20
4 After reading the evidence. 20
5 What did I learn doing this paper? 20
6 On time, APA format, correct grammar and spelling 10

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