Segmenting and Positioning in the Cruise Industry

The purpose of this memo is to research the various distribution outlets and determine the make-up of the cruise line industry. That is, identify the popular cruise lines in the US, how they are positioned,and what market segments they serve.

Please go to and click on ”Cruise”. Put in the criteria listed above(i.e., Bahamas, 3-5 nights, all lines)and choose a month. Next, click on ”choose and continue” for the various selections and scroll down to ”About the ship.”

Next, please go to and click on ”Cruise.” Put in the same criteria (except it is 3-6 nights)and choose the same month. Then, click on ”More Info” for each of the selection, followed by ”Reviews.”

Then, please answer the following questions:
1. What cruise lines are available, and how are they positioned in the market? Explain your answer based on actual evidence.

2. What are the primary market segments for cruise lines based on your review of the Web sites? What ships are available within the Carnival Cruise Line, and how are they targeted to each of these segments?

3. What other websites are available for obtaining useful information for how the cruise lines, and their ships, are segmented?

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