Second paper assignment choose one

1.How did Victorian sexual ideology prevent Mrs. Flint from seeing her husband was a lecher?
2. Based on your reading of Litwack, Roark & Johnson, answer this question: What was the relationship, if any, between black slavery and freedom in antebellum America? Stated another way, what functions other than economic did discrimination and slavery serve in Jacksonian America? In answering this question, keep in mind the differing state of race relations in the North and South.
3. If Dr. Flints sexual obsession had been a male slave would his social standing have been different in the antebellum South?
4. In what ways did the freedom of southern free Negroes differ from that of northern free Negroes? Were the Ellison’s a buffer between southern whites and their slaves? In brief, were the Ellison’s slaves without masters? If so, how? If not, why not?
5. How does the Narrative OF The Life OF Frederick Douglass confirm or disconfirm the American myth of success? In brief, was Douglass a man like antebellum white men?
ONLY use the books below to answer the question, NO OTHER RESOURCES USE:
Henry Louis Gates, Jr., The Classic Slave Narratives
Jill Lepore, King PhillipsWar
Leon Litwack, North OF Slavery
Johnson & Roark, Black Masters
Randy Sparks,Two Princes of Calabar
David Walkers Appeal

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