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Response papers
Students will also be required to submit two short response papers (about two pages each, doublespaced)
addressing readings assigned for two separate classes. Briefly summarize/discuss the
readings and describe your personal reactions/opinions toward the readings and topic. Papers should
show evidence that you did all the readings (you should not just write about your own opinion based
on your general knowledge of the topic or respond to only one or two specific things that the
readings happen to mention). At the same time, good response papers should do more than merely
summarize the readings. During the first two weeks of class, please sign up online to write response
papers for two classes (the link to the Google Doc sign-up sheet is on Blackboard under
“Announcements” and will also be e-mailed to you). Each response paper should be e-mailed as an
attachment to the teaching assistant before the class meets.
Response papers will be graded on a 5 to 1 scale (with 5 being the highest score) for each of the
following criteria:
a) Content: Is the student using and/or referencing material from the readings? (5 points maximum)
b) Reaction: Is the student expressing a thoughtful response/opinion about the reading/topic? (5
points maximum)
c) Organization and writing: Is the paper well-organized and written? (5 points maximum)
Response paper grade (percentage)=total points for the above three criteria divided by 15
please make some quotes from the uploaded materials
and put them in a cited page please

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