Search for Identity

Assignment: Construct an 8-10 page, double spaced, scholarly essay regarding the search of identity in these given literatures: Mary Shelley’s “Frankenstein”. John Gardner’s “Grendel”, and Shakespeare’s “The Tempest”.  You are to choose “the creature” for Frankenstein, “Grendel” in Grendel, and “Caliban” in The Tempest.

This is an essay regarding monsters in literature and their search for identity in literature, not just a general search for identity. A thesis statement for this type of work would be “Although it is assumed that monsters live for the sole purpose of destroying the lives of others, in reality they only wish to learn about the nature of their existence” (You can use a similar thesis statement). Remember, the first sentence shouldn’t be a summary sentence, but rather the thesis statement. You should tell the audience what you’re going to prove first, and NOT what the books are about.

For each piece of literature, you are to use 3 sources (3 direct quotations – this means actually quoting pieces of the work in quotes with page numbers).

For two of the three sources in each literature, you are to use secondary sources. Please refer to: and other websites on how to write secondary sources.

No plagiarism – All work is checked for plagiarism AND checked to see if you stole all of your ideas for websites such as 123HelpMe and other free pre-written essay websites.

Your first sentence in the essay must be a thesis statement.
If a lot of the 8-10 pages are summary, you will not be paid as I’m not paying you to tell me what’s happening in the book, rather to prove your point.

You must be fluent in English and your writing skills must be superb.

Organization – Stay in one place. I shouldn’t see a paper about you talking about Character A, then B, then back to A, then D, then B, then back the A. Don’t give me an unorganized paper because you are finding information on the internet. Be neat!

Time is limited to complete the work. The paper is due at 11AM Pennsylvania Time (USA) on July 7th, 2014 (less than half a day). If you complete the assignment on time AND professionally, you will receive $400.00USD due to the short time period. For every half hour you are late, $50 will be deducted. After 12AM, your paper is no longer needed and you will not be paid.

Payment: The price is discussed in the “Requirements”. Payment options include: PayPal, Google Checkout, American Express Server, and Chase Quickpay. You will receive payment 3-5 business days after the completed work is handed in.

Why? This is a critical paper and no nonsense will be tolerated.

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