School Standards

You have been hired as the Dean for a new online school.  You are responsible for expanding the number of two-year diploma programs offered by the school and even grow to include four-year programs.  You have inherited a small group of full-time teachers who have been part of the start of the school.  You have approximately 200 students in two-year programs for health care, criminal justice, education, and office administration.  You have been made aware of inconsistencies within the courses, and the President of the college has told you that it is up to you to establish consistent standards for courses and their instruction.  What are the standards you would establish for all faculty and all courses in your college?  Write a five-page paper that identifies these standards for online teaching.  Provide validation of these standards from the literature, and describe how teachers will be held accountable for high standards. This five-page paper must include a title page and references.

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