Schindler’s List

What type of historical sources is this film? Primary? Secondary?
Who produced it and why?
When was it produced it and how might it impact on how we view the film?
Who is the intended audience? How do you know this?
Is it reliable? How can you test a sources reliability?
Who are the central characters and how are they portrayed?
Where is the narrative set?
How do music, camerawork and lighting affects our perception?
What meaning is communicated and how does the editing contribute to this?
What themes are emphasised and how?
What is not represents or not shown?
Is there a “right” and “wrong” way to represent the Holocaust and WW?
Should filmmakers try to represent mass atrocities?
What are the specific challenges to giving the Holocaust and WW1 visual form as opposed to writing or speaking about?
How important is historical accuracy in this text?
What aspects of the Holocaust or WW1 are emphasised by this film?
How have fictional elements been woven into narrative? Why has the director chosen this approach?
How reliable is this source as a historical text? How can we test the reliability of a source?
Does the text strive for authenticity? If so, what strategies are used ?

What is the significance of this text for historical study of the Holocaust and WW1?
Why have so many film directors revisited this historical narrative?
What does the text reveal about the cultural and social significance of the Holocaust?
How significant is the popularity of certain Holocaust films to our understanding of this period in history?
To what extend do “popular” Holocaust films broaden and deepen our understanding, or do they simplify and distort?

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