Sandlands Vineyards’ case study for marketing

Questions to be answered regarding each cases: 1) Perform a strategic analysis of _____[firm name]____ in the ____[product]____ market taking into consideration of a) segmentation, b) consumer change, c) competitive responses and d) prioritisation of limited resources. 2) Using frameworks from the unit, and being specific regarding use of the 4Ps, what strategy would you recommend for ___[firm name]____ ? Rubric 1. Articulation of underlying marketing strategy Issue – Issue is clearly stated and succinctly and comprehensively explained using appropriate mode (eg text, symbols, formulas, graphics). 2. Analysis of the marketing strategy situation – Information from relevant and appropriate sources is comprehensively analysed using relevant theories, concepts, frameworks, models, techniques There is further exploration of the issue(s). Conclusions and analyses supported by evidence in an influential and scholarly manner. 3. Position or recommendation to solve the marketing strategy issue – The analysis is interpreted, evaluated, integrated and/or synthesised expertly to support and provide evidence for a clear overall argument/position. Able to identify contrasting arguments. Critically evaluates major alternative points of view. 4. Critique of the marketing strategy issue, situation and/or recommendation – Opinions, assumptions, influences, biases, constraints, weaknesses, limitations, implications and/or consequences are expertly identified with relevant and thoughtful response (eg questioned, evaluated, interpreted).

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