Sales Book Report

There are thousands of sales books available to the new sales professional. Several are
quoted in your text.
Your assignment is to select one, read it, and write a report.
You need to comment on the name of the book, why you selected it, and how the content
fits into the sales cycle and into the course. Include a summary of the book and your
The Following is part of our Syllabus that may give you some ideas of “how the
content fits into the sales cycle and into the course”:
Required Course Materials
TITLE: Selling Today
AUTHOR: Manning
PUBLISHER: Pearson Education
ISBN: 9780132109864
Brief Course Description
During this course we are going to develop your personal selling and presentation skills. We
will examine types of selling situations. We will explore the organization of sales
departments, sales planning and forecasting, quotas, territories, performance standards,
and analysis.
Course Objectives
The following are competencies the student should gain from the course:
General Sales Knowledge:
Explain careers, opportunities, and benefits of personal selling.
Summarize the effect of selling in a market economy.
Apply theories of buyer motivation.
Create a prospecting plan.
Summarize how to adapt a sales presentation.
Explain and demonstrate one’s product and/or service.
Explain the various communication styles.
Discuss the importance of a positive self-image.
Apply time management techniques to the art of selling.
Evaluate and apply ethical practices in selling.
Write steps and goals of the sales presentation.
Describe the integration of technology into personal selling.
Sales Demonstration Knowledge:
Develop complete pre-approach profile information.
Design an approach.
Determine wants/needs of the customer.
Prepare and present a value-added solution.
Select and prepare selling tools for demonstration.
Anticipate and negotiate sales resistance.
Develop and use trial close.
Develop and use closing techniques.
Demonstrate when and how to use expansion selling.
Demonstrate techniques of servicing the sale.
Detailed Descriptions of Assignments
Team Sales Project and Presentation
Case: Nanocomp Technologies, Inc
This is a team exercise.
On the first day of class students will break into teams of four students each.
Each assignment below will be created during the semester and built into one consolidated
binder. The binders will be turned in on the first day of the final presentations for grading.
There will be an opportunity to evaluate your team members at the end of the project.
Market Overview / Organizational Profile
The first requirement is to develop a comprehensive profile of the organization, market,
customer, product, and competition. Required elements will be provided in class.
Prospecting Plan / Executive Profiles
During this course you will learn that a central component of sales is prospecting. You will
target at least five organizations in at least two different industries that you would approach
to sell to.
You will be required to research each firm, identify the key decision maker, and build a
profile of the company and the decision maker (5 company profiles and 5 decision makers).
The more information you are able to find, the better; but at very least you need to identify
the decision maker’s position in the organization, their contact information, and the relevant
background information you will use to approach them.
This information will be used to help you in your introduction.
Pre-Approach Strategy / Plan
After your initial prospecting work you will identify three organizations and executives
that/whom you want to target with an approach strategy.
You will create a unique introductory letter for each. The task is to take the information you
found in profiling and use it in the introduction.
Your letter also needs to include a strategic proposal to move from introduction to
Team Sales Presentation
The next stage is to plan and present your sales presentation to one potential client.
The assumption is that your research revealed critical and useful information about the
target, that your letter persuaded the target to ask for more information—and this is your
opportunity to sell.
You will need a detailed presentation plan, a list of potential objections and responses, a
cache of closes. You will present as a team, in class, during our final two weeks.
Each team will have 20 minutes to present.
During the presentation you will identify the customer’s needs and display how you will
bring value and fulfill these needs.

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