Robots and Laboratory

In this assignment I need you to do a engineering research about using ROBOTS in LABORATORIES. example(why? Where? How?).

I need you to write a Microsoft word document in this format:
– write it as a report to make presentation on it, make a headlines for example (slide 1: and write information that can be said), And minimum of 5 slides.

– Make the information arranged.

-Make it in simple English as possible.

– Include graphics between the information in each section with full references that should be included at the end.
– you can include short videos that is less than 15 second.

– At the end include the full used references and they should be technical for engineering (journal article, conference paper, newspaper / magazine article, book, book chapter, etc.).

– The 3 references and information of the Engineering topic should be something that is currently the focus of ongoing (within the past 5 years) research, investigation, and/or development

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