Rhetorical Analysis

The essay has to be 5 pages. Introduction paragraph with thesis, 5 body paragraphs and a conclusion. Its an rhetorical analysis paper based on the articles “Let’s Make gender, baby” by Kaminer,Wendy and the article “Writing Like a White Guy” by Bolina, Jaswinder.

You have to identify and explain the rhetorical strategies (ethos, pathos, or logos) that each writer uses to persuade their audience to accept, or at least seriously consider, their response to an issue.

Point out the major rhetorical differences between the two sources and explain why those differences exist given the different audience and/or purpose of each source.

Evaluate which writer is most successful in persuading their audience and why without actually saying this person was more successful because…

Your purpose is not to persuade your audience that one side or the other is right or to take a stance on the issue yourself and convince your readers that you are right. you must give an unbiased and thorough exploration of the issue.

Times New Roman, Size 12 typeface, double spaced, indented paragraphs, 1 inch margins

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