Rhetorical Analysis

Dexter: Love American Style (Season 1, Episode 5)

can you watch the episode above and write about the cultural identity of two of the main characters and can you please add visuals too.

All stages must be completed to receive full credit for the assignment.
Some critical questions to ask as you analyze the show:
• Are the depictions of the critical categories realistic or stereotypical? Do they look like real people? How?
• Are these depictions harmful? Useful? How? Why?
• How are the characters’ identities (eg. Gender, race etc.) important to the roles that they play (or are they)?
• Are images, ideas, and language in society being shaped or affirmed by the depictions you see on TV? How? Give examples.
• Do you see any mixed messages being presented? If so, explain.
• Why might the producers/writers/studios/etc. want to present the characters and situations the way they do? What social/historical context helped shaping the producer’s decision?
• What role does visual language (eg. Close-ups, video angles, colors, costumes, clothing etc.) play in the representation of the characters?
• What role does music and sound effects play in the representation of the characters?

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