review the fat content in snack food

The dissertation is about review of fat content in food snack
the dissertation done by lap experiment.
For Abstract,Introduction,Material and methods I need that done by 25 of March.
For the result and the discussion, Conclusion I need that done by 7 of April.

The structure of it will be:
1 Abstract: Around 400 word
A concise overview of what was undertaken and what it shows.

2 title

3 introduction:from 2000-2500
discuss what is known and reference according to Harvard system
the reference can be cited as brown (1996)for single author or Brown et al. (1996.for more authors
we have to avoid web links and concentrate on original papers and books.
Also, we have to describe the aim of project.

4 Materials and methods:
dont write list of materials or equipment.
The quality of reagent should be mentioned for example, origin, supplier, product code, source and EC number.
The concentration and PH or reagents.
Make the section crisp and snappy and write it in Past Tense.
Use SI units.

5 Result and discussion: 3000-3500 WORD.
The result section should read as a story explaining why you did various experiment why you did various experiment.
The main finding.
We have to write the figure and tables without write what they are.
Make sure they appear in sequence immediately after they are discussed.
Figure should have a legend below the diagram or graph with the figure number.
The figure most tell a story independently of the text.
Discusses the data with reference to others people work and in the context of what it shows.

6 Conclusion:2000- 2500 WORD
Draw conclusions from data and what they mean in the context of what is known and what you have found.

Reference Harvard style.

For word count you can arrange that as much as you find that is appropriate

Also i uploaded a copy from the guideline for each section so pleas read carefully to get more information about each section.

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