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Review of Reservoir Dogs


Reservoir Dogs is a movie written and directed by Quentin Tarantino. The movie revolves around crime and involves a lot of brutality. In the movie, a tough mob decides to rob a jewelry store in Los Angeles. However, one of the robberies goes sour and most member of the gang is killed. It turns out that one of the gang members had tipped the police. The movie reveals the events that transpired before and after the robbery but does not depict the event itself. The writer makes use of flash backs to ensure continuity of the movie. The themes in the movie include violent crime and trust. The actors featured in the movie include Mr. Blonde, Mr. Blue, Mr. Brown, Mr. Orange, Mr. Pink, and Mr. White. This paper focuses on the theme of trust as depicted in the movie Reservoir Dogs. The paper will discuss how Mr. Orange breaches the trust that the gang members especially Mr. White, have on him. Additionally, the paper will

The theme of trust is one of the major themes in the movie. Mr. Orange joins the gang as an undercover police. He is deceitful and manages to make the gang members trust him. Mr. White trusts Mr. Orange largely and reveals his identity to him. Even when Joe suspects that Mr. Orange is a police informant, Mr. White defends him and even threatens to kill Joe if he executes Mr. Orange. Mr. White kills Joe eventually (Tarantino 4-9, 106-110).

Another incidence where trust is breached emanates when Mr. Orange betrays Mr. White. Mr. White trusted Mr. Orange to an extent of revealing his identity to him even though it was against the rules of the gang. All through the movie, Mr. White defends Mr. Orange even when others doubt him. He even tries to justify anything Mr. Orange does. However, Mr. Orange does nothing to defend Mr. White when the police storm the warehouse. On the contrary, he is the one who had informed them of the robbery. Mr. Orange gets himself shot so that he can deceive the rest of the gang that he was a victim just like them (Tarantino 75-81).

Another character who breaches the trust is Mr. Pink. When he manages to escape with the diamonds, he hides under the stairs. He eventually escapes with the diamonds. This is irrespective of the fact that other gang members had participated in the robbery. Although he reveals that he had managed to steal the diamonds, he does not reveal where he had hidden them. He waits until the gang members fight each other and finds a chance to escape. The team members loss trust on each other and they end up killing each other since they cannot agree on who had betrayed them (Tarantino 100-105).


The movie, Reservoir Dogs, revolves around a gang comprising of professionals and attempt to rob a jewelry store. However, one member of the gang was an undercover police and had tipped the police. Mr. Orange turns out to be the undercover police who betray the gang members who trusted him. Mr. White betrays the team reader, Joe when he reveals his identity to Mr. Orange whom he trusted. Eventually, Mr. Pink betrays the rest of the gang when he escapes with all the jewelry irrespective of the great suffering the team members had undergone during the robbery.


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