Research Question and Hypothesis Exercise

Start your assignment with an introductory paragraph, and move into a brief discussion about your research topic and why it is of interest and a research “puzzle”. (about 1-2 pages) To back up your statements make sure you include references to the scholarly literature using the APA citation method. Keep in mind that at this level your work is heavily rated by the amount of research you put into it, something that is largely assessed by the amount and kinds of sources you use within your research.

Pull out the dependent (DV) and independent variable(s) (IV) that you are interesting it looking at. This needs to be specific and you need to discuss ideas for how you might go about measuring the impact that the IV as on the DV. You need to focus in on one or two specific variables, otherwise your research will quickly spin out of control as you will not have the capacity to effectively address the relationship between all the variables.

From here develop a hypothesis that reflects your educated guess as to the relationship between those variables. You may use an “if” “then” statement or you may formulate it as a narrative statement.

Hypothesis: A statement for how a change or condition in one or more independent variables cause(s) a change or condition in a dependent variable.

Finally, explain why these are the important variables to look at within this research project. Why focus on these variables and not other variables?

By the time you are done you should have at least 3-4 pages of content (double spaced in times-new roman font), not including the title page, and a “references” page. Your writing should be consistent with the professional/academic writing style. For a refresher on the conventions of academic writing please refer to the latest APA writing guide.
Please contact me if you have any questions on this.

You can also consult: Turabian (2013) Chapter 2 and Hypothesis Writing

i already picked this topic of whether government expansion helps or hinder economic growth and already have a little bit of research in it which i will paste here for you to follow it and continue

see below,

On the other side is this broad topic Policymakers are divided as to whether government expansion helps or hinders economic growth. Advocates of bigger government argue that government programs provide valuable public goods such as education and infrastructure. They also claim that increases in government spending can bolster economic growth by putting money into people’s pockets. Proponents of smaller government have the opposite view. They explain that government is too big and that higher spending undermines economic growth by transferring additional resources from the productive sector of the economy to government, which uses them less efficiently.
Hardin, G., 1968. The Tragedy of the Commons. Nature, 162, 1243-1248.
2016. Tragedy of the Commons. Investopedia, LLC. Retrieved from

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