Research Paper

Professor’s Instructions:

Write a 6-page (minimum) paper that uses either Darwin, Carson, or Singer & Mason as a starting point. You may examine any of the ideas that are posited by one of the three authors. You should follow strict MLA format. You should have four secondary sources (minimum). This means your Works Cited page, which does NOT count for page-length total, will have at least five entries (including Darwin, Carson, or Singer & Mason).

Be mindful of the following criteria:

No first-person or second-person points of view
No history / reporting–this is research
Must follow strict MLA format
Your sources MUST be either texts or come from the Online Databases accessed through the Library
Do not forget

My personal instructions:

1) This paper will need a works cited page, with only texts used for sources.
2) Please feel free to email me at anytime, or call me and leave a voicemail if I am unable to answer your call.
3) I need to turn this paper in to which is a site that catches plagiarism, so please, make sure there is copying of any sort.
4) I thank the writer in advance!

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