Representing the World on Indiana University Bloomington’s Campus

select at least 3 different representations of the world (for example, one talk, one art exhibit, and one map) and analyze how regions are represented on campus. How does IU construct the world around you?
Some things to consider (you do NOT have to address these if you don’t want to):
• Who does the representing?
• How does globalization factor into your argument?
• What is the spatial layout of campus?
• Are there any contested, ignored, or venerated spaces?
Using information and concepts from lectures and readings, you will support your analysis. Please note the following requirements that must be addressed:
• Include a creative/unique title.
• As always, have a strong thesis.
• Cite at least two sources. They can be readings from class or outside of class. They must be reputable sources.
• Reference at least two regions.
• Support your argument with specific, in-depth examples.
• You will be graded on overall clarity, spelling, and grammar.

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