Religion In China (Islam In China)

Professor’s Instructions:
Research Paper Guidelines (Poli 335)

All students will be required to submit one short research paper (10-12 pages of text, double-spaced, plus bibliography) about contemporary (post-1978) Chinese DOMESTIC Politics, including possibly social, economic and cultural issues relevant to political life. NO international relations topics are accepted.

FOR 10% OF THE COURSE GRADE: Please submit by the moodle site assignment function on Monday 7 November 2011 a 250-word, double-spaced proposal (.pdf file only) in the form of an abstract summarizing what the finished research piece would look like. You must also include an initial bibliography with, at least, five separate professional academic sources, including monographs as well as articles from anthologies and from peer-reviewed academic journals. In addition, depending on the topic researched, reputable ‘open source’ material may be used to complement your academic sources. I mean official websites of governments, international organizations, university research centers and well-established news organizations. Please consult the instructor before using any other kind of ‘open source.’

You are also most welcome to come to my office, H-1225-30 (see hours in top block of the moodle site), to discuss ideas about the research paper or to submit initial ideas to me by e-mail.

Please NAME your .pdf file: FamilyName_proposal.pdf

FOR 25% OF THE COURSE GRADE: Please submit the final paper in both paper and electronic form (moodle) by midnight on Monday 28 November 2011. The term paper file (including both text & bibliography in ONE file) must be submitted in portable document format (.pdf).

All typed texts must be written in Arial 11 or a simple font of the same size. Please, save the trees: NO COVER PAGE, but just two lines, left-justified, at the top of the first page with "Politics 335, [name of assignment, due date]" on first line and your name and student ID on the second line. The title of your paper, centered, plus the body of the text should follow after skipping only two lines. Your pages must be numbered.

You must show knowledge of any of the required readings that touch upon your topic. You must NOT cite class lectures or lecture notes as references.



Students are required to submit their own work. Paraphrasing or copying texts without giving a clear identification of the source constitutes plagiarism, an academic offence which is automatically reported to the Dean’s Office. (Each term, on average, I send two student research papers to the Code of Conduct Administrator.)

All borrowings as is from sources must be identified with quotation marks.

Close paraphrasing (copying with slight rearrangement of clauses and a few word substitutions) will be considered as plagiarism, EVEN IF a source is given.

Submitting your own work also means limiting the use of direct quotes to statements that are quote-worthy, i.e., presenting briefly a distinctive point of view from an actor in the events or from an unusually perceptive commentator. The frequent use of long quotes from sources as a substitute to writing your own analysis will be severely penalized.

All references for sources or for direct quotes must include the page number (unless the source article has only one page) and that includes articles found on-line.

If a student can find a text on the Internet, so can the instructor.

AND I DO GOOGLE ALL WORK (including notes for Oral Presentations).

I require use of the "Chicago Style" Author-Date format with embedded notes.

See the Guide to Citing and Acknowledging (Poli-207) linked below in this block.

Finally, on-line (or CD-based) encyclopedias (e.g., Wikipedia, MS Encarta and must NOT be used, though specialized databases, such as CIA World Factbook and various international organization sites, are authorized.

See rather Concordia e-journals, such as: 
- China Quarterly
- China Journal
- International Security
- Journal of Contemporary China 
- Pacific Affairs


Grade: 78.00 / 100.00

Topic is generally good, but you need a thesis statement that is not purely descriptive that offers an explanatory framework for understanding why Uyghurs have less religious freedom than other Chinese Muslims.

Bibliography is good on books, but don’t forget the required readings touching on your subject: Hansen 2002, “Ethnic Conflict and Accommodation in China,” 149-163; AND Joseph 2010, 315-354. Plus add some more specialist academic journal articles focusing on the situation in Xinjiang.
Citation style is Chicago Author-Date, namely:
Author. Publication-Year. Title. Publication-City: Publisher.
Regards, C Thomson

-I have already done the research proposal with you and I will attach it including the prof’s comments on it as well as the grade.

– Sources required minimum 5 and more I guess, I will double check that with the prof and update you as soon as I get an answer.

* My Instructions of the previous research proposal were as follow (already submitted):

-Concrete information in terms of CCP involvement and relationship of the government to religion in China. Just what I have so far in terms of notes is an outline of what my essay would look like:


– Where Islam is prevalent- all over China in small numbers but mostly in the Xianjing province.

– How Islam was brought to China (very brief history). You don’t have to give details in your proposal,just mention that you will include a historical context.

– historically how Islam (specifically) and religion (generally) has been treated by different Chinese governments. So how religion/Islam were under early Chinese imperial rulers, under early CCP (Mao, under Deng Xioping). Religion has always been a controversial topic in China and Islam specifically has never been supported or encouraged by the government.

– Xianjing and history: the strong presence of Islam in Xianjing, links to terrorist groups like Al Qaeda, ethnic differences and the impact of these ethnic/religious differences on China’s unity.

– how the CCP currently deals with unrest in Xianjing

-how the CCP currently deals with Islam in China generally

-future and prospects for Islamic integration into mainstream Chinese society

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