Relationship between coronary calcium score and high-risk plaque/significant stenosis

Link to journal: Hi, I need help with a journal critique. All questions answered and put into an essay format. 3-4 pages. 1) Background: Summarize the background by answering the following questions. What is the research question or objective?Why is the problem significant?What is the primary objective of the study?Secondary objectives?What is the null hypothesis?Was there clear scientific background presented to support the study rationaleWas this study sponsored? (if yes, by whom?) 2) Study Design: What type of study design was used? Was the study design appropriate for the research question? What are the advantages and disadvantages of the study design? 3) Methods: Methods (Question 4 of 10 – Mandatory ) What was the study population used? Was the study population appropriate for the study? How was data collected? How are subjects selected for enrollment? What are the inclusion/exclusion criteria? Are these appropriate? 4) Endpoints/Outcomes What are the key variables or outcomes measured? How are they defined and measured? Are these variables appropriate for the study objective? Was the duration of the trial and follow-up appropriate? 5) Statistical analysis How was the data analyzed? Do the selected statistical tests appear appropriate? Was there a rationale provided for the use of the selected tests? 6) Results: Baseline characteristics? Accountability for all enrollees? What are the findings of the original research question? Are the results presented in a clear and understandable way? Are the findings consistent with the study purpose? Are there any missing data? Were the results significant? 7) Authors conclusion: What are the author’s conclusions? Are the author’s conclusions appropriate based on the results of the study? 8) Overall Critique Strengths? Weaknesses? What additional questions does this study raise? How does the results of the study contribute to the body of knowledge?

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