Write a formal statement describing what you learned from each part of the course and how you expect to apply what you learned. Your comments should describe both what you learned and how you learned.

I need a reflection paper about the management class that we use this book for it

(Principles of Management: Leading and Collaborating in a Competitive World 10th Ed.)
we talked about everything in the book so u can pick anything u wont to talk about and what did u learned about.
We also did WIKS about
• Planning–
• Organizing–
• Leading–
• Controlling—
And Blogs about
• Responsibility—
• Culture—
• Innovation –
• Technology—
And we did to research papers about boing I will add it to the files section.

And we used this websites

Hoover’s Guide Market Share Reporter
Directory of Corporate Affiliations Moody’s
Wards Directory Industry Surveys (Standard & Poors)
U.S. Industry and Trade Outlook Troy Almanac
IBIS Reports Lexis-Nexis

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