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Write a 1-2 page (double-spaced) reflection on any of the films posted.
In your critical response, you MUST do the following: 1) Demonstrate what new information you learned; 2) Relate the content of the film to one or more themes we have discussed in the course.

our course its about Indigenous religion
1) Understand the diversity of indigenous thought and practice through cosmologies, symbols,
rituals, and lifeways
2) Understand the impact of colonialism and the European
“discovery” of the “New World” on
both indigenous and European identities.
3) Analyze the current impact of globalization on indigenous movements around the globe.

The word indigenous is a complex and ambiguous term. Most succinctly, it can describe
individuals and groups who are descendents of peoples who have been marginalized by
expanding empires–particularly, but not limited to, European empires.
This course provides an introduction to indigenous thought and practice around the globe, with a
more specific focus on Africa and the Americ as (including Central and South America and the
This course qualifies for the Liberal Studies Program in the following categories:

Distribution Block:
Social and Political Worlds and Global

Essential Skills: Effective writing, Critical thin

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