reflection 2

Your assignment for these papers is to:
1. Briefly summarize the overall theme of the readings( Carroll: p.71-94 ), taken together and/or separately
2. Point out tensions, contradictions, unaddressed issues, or points that you don’t understand in the readings (Evaluation).
3. As a rough guide, numbers 1 & 2 should take up about ¾ of the first page.
4. Demonstrate your own synthesis and application through relating your points from numbers
1 and 2 to a specific single example from your career, current or future
a. You should be very specific, but please refrain from using individual’s or organizational names, rather refer to them either with pseudonyms or by title (such as “a 10th grade English teacher”, or “the principal”).
b. Do not use an example from this course.
c. Through the example, your aim is to demonstrate your application of what you have learned from the readings, and how you may (or may not) be able to apply what you
have learned. Note: This section of the paper should be the majority (it should take up the entire second page, if not more).
5. In the final paragraph of your reflection, you should make sure that you bring the reading
back to your example application, to ensure that you have integrated the reading and your single specific example. However, better is to integrate the reading throughout your example.
6. Your purpose in these reflection papers is to demonstrate your new knowledge through the
application of the reading through an evaluation of your very specific example.
7. Each reflection paper should be 2 pages, double-spaced. You may go over slightly if you’re
onto a particularly good idea.
8. Linking to the previous readings from the course is highly recommended.
9. NOTE: Reading Reflection & Critique papers uploaded after 10:00 a.m. on the day of class
will not be accepted!
10. NOTE: For each day’s readings, a (*) indicates the reading your reflection paper should
focus on. Two (*) indicates that you should integrate the readings.

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